Welcome to the future of renewable development
EnergyStorageRights.com is a green fintech start-up and an online renewable projects developer, that will operate a blockchain trading platform for development rights into real estate locations, based on a patent pending business model, that will reduce renewable projects costs and facilitating communities involvement.

Using innovative machine learning algorithms, we aim to predict, based on methodologies and conclusions of past renewable energy and storage projects and research, the potential for renewable energy production, consumption and storage, of each real-estate property (such as residential, commercial, farm land, lakes and ponds) as a fraction of the expected 1MWh /year renewable energy production.

Energy Storage Right is an online trade-able smart contract, where the property owner sells the right to develop a connection to an energy storage device, to a renewable developer, or will be able to swap them into shares in the operator of the storage device and in the renewable energy assets, by in kind capital increase.

The platform is technology neutral and will evaluate, promote and invest in energy storage rights for pilot projects  such as:
1) Off-river pumped hydro storage by building the upper reservoir on top of a hill and a lower reservoir at the bottom of the hill.
2) Batteries +solar for properties with or without PV solar installation
3) Buoyant energy storage pilot to float on lakes or seas www.buoyant-energy.com
4) Aquifer pumped hydro on ACT farms holding large ponds and high capacity water bore.

Dan Barbulescu  Cofounder and Director 

Mark Pillsworth , deveco PTY, Cofounder, Enviromental expert and company secretary

Andrei Lucian Research Grant Advisor Horizon Research,

​Larisa Turner Geologist Engineer.

Marian Rizoiu , ANU, Lecturer, Artificial Intelligence expertise

Tudor Barbulescu  Cofounder ANU student, software developer

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Mobile +61 0413491346
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European Union Branch
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Bucharest, Romania
Mobile +40 0740236122
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